Monday, May 23, 2011

Multitude Monday

A few words on my heart from Ann Voskamp usher in my One Thousand Gifts list today:
"To learn how to be be grateful and happy, whether hands full or empty. That is a secret worth spending a life on learning."

"Perspective can always adopt gratitude - and gratitude always parents joy."  (Eucharisteo!)

141.  A drive through the wide-open countryside
142.  AWESOME women's event at our church
143.  An incredible word of Abiding Hope from our amazing Senior Pastor's wife, Amy Groeschel
144.  Silly, goofy kids who make me laugh!
145.  Date night with the hubby!
147.  Kids' tickle pleas and belly laughs
148.  Watching/listening to my kids connect with & love their grandparents
149.  Watching Hollie love on her Daddy
150.  Lazy Saturdays watching cartoons in our pj's with the kiddos
151.  Finishing a great marriage class
152.  Making holiday weekend travel plans!

"We're ready for McDonald's!" :-D

With a grateful heart...