Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hope for the Mess?

OK, I'm in need of a little encouragement to bring me back from the Dark Side.  (or perhaps just a reality check!)  Here's my Black Hole:

This is my living room.  *Gulp*  It pretty much looks like this more than it doesn't these days, along with the rest of the house.  With exception of my bedroom, perhaps -which I try to keep kid-clutter free, since I have more direct control there, and need an orderly place to escape to occasionally to keep my sanity!  As many of you know, I have a 5-year-old boy and an almost 2-year-old girl.  They love keeping the house looking full of life -and they're good at it!  They make messes, 'we' clean it up (with agonizing step-by-step instructions)...I go to start VOILA! looks like this again!

So, here's the dilema I bring to the table, for those of you who've fought this battle with the Dark Side:  Is there hope that the mess will ever end and that I'll have my house/sanity back?!  By nature, I'm usually an orderly person who savors a clean house.  Not in an 'anal' way - I'm no Danny Tanner! (Danny Tanner, really?) But my brain just doesn't function as well amidst clutter!  Seriously - for me, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind!  That doesn't bode well for getting things done!   Boy Scout (my hubby) recently even pointed out my lack of housekeeping skills of late.  I quickly rebuffed, reminding him that I was a fairly good & organized housekeeper before I had his children!   He stopped and thought a moment, and then agreed.  Thank you!  Just a little acknowledgement that this is not 'normally' who I am or who I desire to be is nice!  (Or is this my new 'normal'?!) So, I'm hoping you can assure me that this is only temporary!  Right?!  


OK, there it is.  My messy den.  I put it out there.  It's done.  *Gulp*


Boy Scout said...

So--I guess I offically have a blogging nickname now...? ;)

Cheryl Barker said...

I've seen messier :) One day you'll have order back, but don't count on it coming for another 15-20 years. Hang in there :)