Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitude Monday

Cherish Life’s Simple Pleasures  
The above is a sign I have hanging in my living room.  All too often I forget this.  Even when its' reminder is right in front of my face everyday, right there above the television I too often lose myself in. I let myself get so caught up in the 'dailies' of the 'busies' that I allow to steal  my attention and let those simple pleasures slip away. And it's when too many slip away that life's mundane heaviness sets in like a weight on my back, and I find myself asking in achy regret...where did it all go? 

Cherishing those simple pleasures is a choice.  A deliberate, intentional choice. ( Remember -these are my theme(s) for this year?)  No more letting life just pass me by, letting moments with my kids escape me, missing out on opportunities to let God to work in my life  -and therefore missing opportunities to minister to, bless,and encourage others!  I feel like I'm a broken record here, but I'm going to keep saying it until I GET IT!  Habits take time to form, especially when you're having to replace the old/bad ones first.  Although, I want it to be more than a habit.  I want to draw so close to God that it becomes a part of me, that thanks for His bountiful blessings flow freely from my heart and soul and encompass all that I do and say.  That's a pretty tall order, but one that I look forward to seeking out.

So let's begin again, with some highlights of the last couple of week's Gratitude List:

83.  SOOOO thankful for GOD's GRACE!
87.  My hard-workin man!
88.  Love impending inclement exciting!  (Even when it 'flakes out' on us!)
89.  SNOW DAYS...a break in the routine!
90.  My boy wanting me to play Wii with him
91.  Short work/school weeks
92.  Thankful for church online when we have sick kiddos!
93.  Thankful for my cousin the nurse, who gave us all free flu shots a couple of months ago so we're not experiencing the worst of the sickies goin around!
95.  Noticing the clear blue sky just before dusk (when I was out driving) after it had been cloudy all day
96.  For Ann Voskamp, whom God led me to, to inspire me to take this 1000 Gift journey, her book that I'm about to dive into, her blog, her words that encourage, uplift, and take us closer to Him. 


(Click on the picture link below if you'd like to find out more about One Thousand Gifts)

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The Farmer Files said...

I love it that my boys want to play Wii with me, too! We attend our online church in California (where we lived until July) when the weather in MA is too crazy to get to church here. Love online church! Thanks for stopping my blog. Hope to see you again, soon!