Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Conclusion

Well, since it's now been a month since I left the multitudes of you hanging on the eve of my 40th birthday,  I'm finally back to offer the conclusion to the cliffhanger:  I survived!

You can breathe now! Yes, oddly enough I felt the same the day after turning forty as the day before!  Such a strange phenomenon, but it's true.  A whole new chapter of my life has begun, and yet I feel no differently than I did at 39.  Hmmm...what gives?  :-)

I like something Raquel Welch (she's 69!) said recently on Oprah regarding women aging, similar to what I said in my last post: 

"The lesson for every aging woman is to embrace it.  I want them to stop being scared of it, because it's just another chapter in life.  It's not time for you to give up. You don't need to repeat what you did already. Don't keep comparing yourself."

A new chapter!  Don't revisit the old ones!  Yes, tuck them away to use as tools of wisdom and knowledge that support your story of today, but don't dwell there!  Keep moving forward!

OK, anyway...I had a very nice birthday.  My sweet hubby threw me a surprise party -actually a week early, and boy, was I  surprised.  It was at a Mexican restaurant, where I thought I was meeting some girlfriends for a girl's nite out.  But, lo and behold - SURPRISE! - there were family and friends waiting for me.  At the Mexican restaurant...did I mention that?  *NOTE: I don't like Mexican food.*  (Had some REALLY YUMMY birthday cake, though!) That's where the surprise worked.  Boy Scout had the girls had rope me into going there with some ruse about 'craving Mexican' and 'buy one get one free coupons' or something.  Uh-huh.  Good one, guys!  There was much more that went into pulling off that party, but that's the gist...

Then, the day before my birthday I won a LeCreuset French oven from The Pioneer Woman!  That was pretty thrilling...considering I had entered just about every bi-weekly-or-so 'contests' of hers since last July with no results!  Yippee!  Then enjoyed a relaxing mani/pedi and a yummy dinner out with the hubs on 'the big day', complete with uber-yummy Krispy Kremes for dessert, as my birthday cake. (Chocolate covered creme filled - to die for, OMG!) And the week following (this was on a Saturday) was Spring Break and Boy Scout was on vacation, so quality family time spent together!    

That was a good two weeks.  The week after that I started walking again, which has really helped me feel better!  I'm not terribly consistent with it yet, but it's something!  That's half the battle, right - the starting?!  At least it was for me...for YEARS!  Cheer me on - I need to keep my 40-yr-old booty in gear and on the 'active' path!

Well, this was 'birthday month in review', concluding the 40th Birthday series.  Thanks so much for joining me.  I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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Cheryl Barker said...

Congrats on winning the great prize from PW! How exciting!

Your words about aging are pretty timely for me today. A friend and I were talking about how we are dreading turning 55 in August. Fifty didn't bother us, but this number is a bit tougher :) I need to take the "embrace it" advice to heart, I guess... :)